Meeting with the Economic and Commercial Office of Embassy of the People’s Republic of China In Latvia

01. Oct 2021

A few weeks ago members of Hortimed team visited the the Economic and Commercial Office of Embassy of the People's Republic of China In the Republic of Latvia, where they met with representatives of Embassy to discuss many industry, regulatory and peat moss-related topics! As the Economic and Commercial Office's territory is small park and garden, Hortimed team wanted to thank the office for the…

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Soft fruits and berries with our substrates

20. Sep 2021

WITH SOFT FRUITS AND BERRIES - WHAT YOU PUT IN IS WHAT YOU GET OUT... ... and it is every grower's most sacred mantra. And we have just the right ingredient to make it 100% – Hortimed Peat substrates, specialised for growing soft fruits and berries! What is so special about our recipe? First, it is developed in close collaboration with top scientists of the field.…

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Natural Peat production availability update

09. Sep 2021

Hortimed Natural Peat Moss availability update! BIG BALE PRODUCTION IS ALMOST FULL UNTIL THE END OF 2021 We want to inform you that due to huge demand, the production schedule is full for Natural Peat in 5500L Big Bales. If you are yet to inquire about the orders, please react very quickly to reserve the volumes early! WE OFFER THE ALTERNATIVE: 250L BAGS By loading…

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Hortimed Peat for Blueberries

05. Aug 2021

Improve your results with Hortimed Peat for Blueberries! Hortimed Natural Sphagnum Peat moss (RAW Line) is the perfect product for the cultivation and growing of Blueberries! Our RAW product line is suited perfectly for the most demanding blueberry types, and ensures great growing conditions, superb yield and overall taste, size and colour of the berries!Superior and stable structure of Latvian white peat moss is well known around the world, therefore…

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Say “Hello!” to the Hortimed BioGrowⓇ Organic line!

22. Jul 2021

Say "Hello!" to the Hortimed BioGrowⓇ Organic line! Hortimed BioGrow Ⓡ products are biologically active mixtures, suitable for protecting and enhancing the growing processes for trees, shrubs, fruits, vegetables, flowers, and other plants. It is not subjected to chemical or thermal treatment; therefore, it contains a full spectrum of natural and ecologically pure materials. BioGrow Solid and Liquid products, while being different in their structure, achieve stable release of nutrients gradually during…

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Summer Peat Harvest is going strong

07. Jul 2021

We are expecting a very busy summer and autumn season due to the increased demand by our existing and new clients! We have started the new harvesting processes of our peat a bit later than usually due to the bad weather conditions in the spring. Together with an increased demand from our existing clients and business partners as well as new inquiries from our new…

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June NEWS are here!

16. Jun 2021

Hortimed PEAT SUMMER UPDATE in June is here!  Check out our Summer Update in JUNE to know more about Hortimed news, updates and our future plans! We have a busy summer in head of us, so we need to inform everyone about our plans!  NEW HARVESTING SEASON THE NEW HARVESTING SEASON HAS STARTED! NEW ORDERS ARE AVAILABLE AND ALL PREVIOUS ORDERS ARE BEING FULFILLED! CONTACT US FOR…

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Summer Peat Price Update

31. May 2021

Peat prices will be increasing starting from June! Due to the tough situation in the market, current peat shortages, logistics problems and huge demand from new and existing clients is impacting our production capabilities! The prices will be increasing in June, and here are some of the reasons why we are increasing the prices: Logistics and Material Costs- Logistics prices have been increasing constantly and have almost doubled by…

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