Hortimed has received the Certificate for Reponsibly Produced Peat! We have joined limited group of peat product industry companies that bear the RPP certificate and badge, which indicates that the harvested and produced peat is the highest quality, while keeping environment unharmed and sustainable.

Responsibly Produced Peat certification ensures that peatland will be used, managed and restored in a responsible way. The main goals for this organization and the RPP certificate are:

  1. Protection of high conservation value areas:

Leave natural peatlands and bogs that have high conservation value untouched and ensure the protection of these areas.

2. Assure Long term availability of peat:

Peat is the most valuable growing media constituent. Peat counts for 75% of the volume in growing media. Other materials are used, often in addition to peat, however, there are no better suited materials for growing media in the world.

3. Preference for restoration:

Maximize peat production from degraded peatlands and encourage restoration. Consulting stakeholders, local authorities, NGO’s and local communities allows us to maintain the healthy conditions and ensure restoration in peatlands.

More info about the RPP certificate as well as the list of companies that have adopted the responsible practices and received the certificate, can be found here: https://www.responsiblyproducedpeat.org/en/rpp-registered-companies