Greetings to all those passionate about horticulture! We are excited to share the latest results from our PeloidHUMUS Universal! product testing with you! 

Our innovative PeloidHUMUS Universal! biostimulant has once again proven to be a game-changer for blueberry growers

The test results show that our product helps plants to grow stronger, healthier, and produce higher yields. 

PeloidHUMUS blueberry test

This is not the first time PeloidHUMUS Universal! has outperformed in tests. Our biostimulant has consistently shown positive results in a variety of other tests as well. 

That’s why we are proud to offer PeloidHUMUS Universal! to growers like you. With PeloidHUMUS Universal!, you can be confident that your blueberry plants will receive the essential nutrients and beneficial microorganisms they need to thrive.

PeloidHUMUS biostimulant

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