Celebrating the start of summer and our harvesting season!

We wish all our customers and partners a fantastic start to the summer season! Our harvesting season is already underway, showing promising signs for a fruitful year ahead! With that, we have good news for everyone!


As you know, our peat harvesting season runs from late spring to early fall. The amount we collect during this time determines the stock and availability for the next growing season! We’re happy to report that things are looking positive and with that, we are happy to offer you new prices with the new harvest season!

Discover the best prices and maximise the benefits of this seasonal change by reaching out to us. Our dedicated sales team is ready to discuss your needs and find effective solutions.

We want to remind you that we’re fully prepared and ready to handle your orders. You can contact us at sales@hortimedpeat.com or visit our website https://hortimedpeat.com/ for more information.