This year we decided to create a whole new sub-brand of Hortimed! Meet Hortimed Organics – a range of brand new professional and organic products for different soils and plants!


First of all, it is all about being organic! Hortimed Organics contain innovative formulas derived from peat and lake peloids that will protect your seed, soil and crops from environmental stress factors while giving you better soil and healthier, stronger crops. Products are rich in natural vitamins, enzymes, organic acids, a variety of amino acids, macro and microelement complexes, as well as biologically active humic acids that can be easily absorbed by plants.

However, the two most functionally important substances in Hortimed Organics products are alginate oligosaccharides and natural aluminosilicate colloids that offer a multitude of benefits.

Alginate oligosaccharidesNatural aluminosilicate colloids
✔ Improve water holding capacity
✔ Promote plant growth and stress resistance
✔ Accumulate and release all plant nutrients
✔ Trap heavy metals and pesticide residues
✔ Reduce nutrient leakage to the groundwaters
✔ Natural and highly effective colloid
✔ Bind and return ions of trace elements to plants
✔ Improve soil structure
✔ Optimize cation nutrient exchange
✔ Bond potassium in the plant root zone


All products are suitable for protecting and enhancing the growth of a wide range of cultures: trees, shrubs, fruits, vegetables, flowers and other plants. Starting from the basic needs and going all the way up to the most needy plants and harshest soil conditions! Hortimed Organics accommodates a variety of needs and different styles of growing, guaranteeing steady and healthy growth for plants.


Be among the first ones to try PeloidHUMUS® and other brand new products within Hortimed Organics sub-brand, that are soon to be released in July 2022! Pre-order your batch now!

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